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  A common problem encountered in medical emergencies is emergency department overcrowding: when there are not enough medical personnel for an excess of patients in need. This came to the limelight in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; across the United States, nurses and physicians are being overworked to treat overwhelming masses of the sick waiting for treatment and diagnosis. Additionally, during severe epidemics, there is a high risk for viral transmission in waiting areas and standard one-use surgical masks are not effective enough to protect patients. Patients may end up waiting 4-12 hours before receiving medical attention, each second of which being one that can lead to infection, suffering, and/or death. Thus, we introduce VitalMask, patent pending. Our goal with VitalMask is to optimize patient data collection, prioritize critical patients, and reduce patient wait time while providing a robust, reusable alternative to the disposable clinical mask. With an array of IoT sensors, medical personnel simply have to attach the mask to waiting room patients in order to monitor key vitals including body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and respiratory rate as they perform other essential tasks.

  • Man wearing mask in a dark room

    December 2019

    A World in Crisis

    A novel coronavirus is discovered in Wuhan, China leading to the COVID-19 outbreak that quickly infected people all over the globe.

  • VitalMask, a smart mask with sensors

    February 2020

    An Idea Born

    VitalMask was born at the 7th Annual AI Health Hackathon in NYC. The mask was designed to monitor vitals while preventing the spread of disease. We won the Hackathon's grand prize and third place for IBM's Coronavirus Prize!

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    April 2020

    Vita Innovations

    We became a startup! A group of us from the same engineering team (CU Biomedical Device) at Cornell University decided to come together and make a company with Vital Mask, patent pending, as our first product.

  • VitalMask, a smart mask with sensors

    October 2020

    Preclinical Trials and Testing

    We've developed a prototype and are now working with physicians to conduct preclinical trials and testing.

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Vita Innovations Team

Our Team

We are a group made of diverse backgrounds - Biology, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Business, and more - that has come together because we believe in our mission and our ability as a team. We are also supported and mentored by many invaluable professionals within Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Entrepreneurship, and Cornell Engineering.

Longsha (Oscar) Liu CEO of Vita Innovations

Longsha Liu


Jason Chen CTO of Vita Innovations

Jason Chen


Julia Isakov CFO at Vita Innovations

Julia Isakov


Ray Wei Software Developer of Vita Innovations

Ray Wei

Software Manager

Kristen Ong Director of Innovation at Vita Innovations

Kristen Ong

Design Engineer

Sarah Luo Director of Outreach at Vita Innovations

Sarah Luo

Outreach Director

Daniel Stabile Software Developer at Vita Innovations

Daniel Stabile

Software Developer

Rishi Singhal Electrical and Computer Engineer at Vita Innovations

Rishi Singhal

Product Director

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