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We're a group of recent graduates from Cornell University focused on addressing the issues surrounding emergency department overcrowding. With limited personnel and space, patients wait for several hours unmonitored in waiting rooms before receiving care, if at all. Unfortunately, ED overcrowding can often lead to increased walkouts, progression of illness, and fatalities.


The Problem

Over 90% of EDs experience overcrowding and 92% of the physicians we reached out to (n=150) are concerned of ED overcrowding and its symptoms.

Our Solution

We are creating a device, VitalMask, that will provide continuous monitoring for patients in waiting rooms and alert medical personnel of any emergencies.


Our device fits under a traditional surgical mask and is equipped with sensors that measure heart rate, SpO2 levels, temperature, and respiratory rate.


Our desktop application can connect to multiple devices through bluetooth. The application displays all recorded vitals and allows for custom alarm thresholds.

Now Hiring! We are looking for a qualified population health specialist and/or data scientist.

Masters or PhD preferred. Work is on a part-time/contractual basis.

Meet Our Team

We are a group made of diverse backgrounds in...

Biology, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Business, and more. We've come together because we believe in our mission and our ability as a team. We are also supported and mentored by many invaluable professionals within Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Entrepreneurship, and Cornell Engineering.


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We are currently looking to hire a CTO. Please reach out to us with any questions or business opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you!