We are Vita Innovations, We Create Build Develop Solutions

Born amid the Covid-19 pandemic, our start-up is focused on advancing the future of emergency medicine, starting with overcoming the symptoms of emergency room overcrowding.

Who We Are

By the time the epidemic had become a pandemic, four of the VitalMask creators had launched Vita Innovations, recruiting on board four other undergraduates from Cornell University to fill gaps in necessary experiences and knowledge. As a company, we have fully and officially dedicated our time to bringing VitalMask into the market and making an impact as soon as possible.

Our Motivation

Every member of the team has had their lives impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic in different ways. Both due to and in spite of this, our team strives towards one goal: to minimize the suffering caused by medical emergencies such as our current crisis. We aim to turn our predicament into an opportunity to target long-standing issues in healthcare brought to light by this pandemic.

Our Vision

We want to create a smart mask for the emergency department waiting room that can monitor patients' vitals and detect issues even before they arise. Essentially, we hope to play a role in saving lives for patients all around the United States, and eventually all around the world.